Sending people to courses to build their skills can be a good idea, when you know exactly what skills are needed. But is not necessarily the solution to more complex challenges, such as aligning people around a new strategy, pushing through an organizational change, motivating a disengaged workforce, or developing broad skills in a workforce.

Many training organizations offer courses, or will custom design to your specifications. But not many of them will dig deep enough to find out the roots of a challenge, design a solution to fix it (whether it is training or a different intervention or a combination) and then help you measure results.

Linden Tree can do this, based on more than 25 years' experience working with a wide variety of organizations across the globe. Scroll down to learn more about our approach.

1. Define:  Needs Analysis

Let Linden Tree help you get the best out of your learning and development initiatives by aligning learning goals to business goals. Avoid spending money on training that doesn't lead to results.  Start by defining business goals and problems. Define the gap by assessing the current situation and capabilities. Then define what people to be doing differently or better to close the gap and achieve the goals. Then define your learning objectives for those improvements. By defining both business and aligned learning goals, you are on your way to creating a learning intervention that positively impacts your business results.

2. Design:  Instructional Design

The best learning design has to fit three criteria.  It must be:

  • Relevant to the business and situated in people's business reality
  • Practical to address everyday work challenges
  • Interactive - people learn more by doing than by listening to lectures
  • Alive beyond the classroom and leading to real change and improvement
Linden Tree will custom-design learning programs that meet these criteria. Consider having Linden Tree redesign or update your existing internal programs to make them more impactful.

3. Deliver:  Linden Tree Courses

We deliver training and development courses, using interactive and engaging techniques, always with a focus on achieving both the business and the learning goals. Whether designed by us or by you, our experience working with leading organizations, managers of all levels, and a wide range of national cultures is evident in every course we deliver. Our courses can blend classroom and virtual elements to make the most of everyone's time.

If you use in-house trainers, especially if your own managers deliver training to employees, help them to be more interactive, engaging and impactful through a Linden Tree Train-the-Trainer program.

4. Apply:  On-the-job Support

Make the learning stick. Get real change and improvement by providing support to your people so they can apply their learning in their every day jobs. Linden Tree  provides continuous coaching, goal implementation checkups, virtual learning and on-the-job support tools.

5. Evaluate:  Measure Results

What do you really get out of learning? If Define, Design, Deliver and Apply have been done right, you should be able to track both quantitative and qualitative business outcomes, as well as learning and behavior outcomes.  Linden Tree has tools and techniques to help you track the results that matter most and determine your ROLI - Return On Learning Investment.